With Easter just around the corner team Arbutus are well on their way in preparing for our Easter Sunday Carvery from starters to delicious desserts and everything in between. 
If you are not joining us this Sunday for our Easter Carvery check out these top tips for a stress-free Easter. 

Budget Your Time Wisely
Have a plan of attack so you can be ready to greet your guests when they arrive, not be scrambling around the kitchen throwing things together.  Know what time you plan to eat, how long each item will take to cook, and keep a "schedule" so you know when to put various things in the oven.  If there are items you can make ahead, make them ahead!  You'll be so much more relaxed.

Know your Guests!
Don't be caught off guard with food allergies, sensitivities or diets.  Ask ahead if there is anything you need to be aware of so you can be prepared.

Keep some snacks out to munch on
If your guests will be arriving some time before dinner will be served, set out some simple snacks or appetisers.  Keep it simple - people just want to munch, not indulge in perfectly baked mini tarts.  

Serve dinner Buffet-style!
Set up a cute buffet table and let the guests serve themselves!  Set up your food in your nice serving dishes here, then get out of the way, sit down, and enjoy your dinner too!

Decorate with what you have!
There's no need to buy a fancy centerpiece.  Take some of my "cute" Easter decorations from around the house and made them into a fun centrepiece.  

Enjoy yourself- and don't forget to take some pictures!
Life is about creating memories and enjoying the special people in your life.  Don't let Easter pass you by while you hang out in the kitchen, sweating and worrying.