When it comes to planning your special day, there are lots of things to consider. Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we get asked a number of common questions by couples who need a little helping hand with planning there oh so perfect day. Here are the most common questions we receive and the advice we like to give.

How do we set a budget for our wedding?

The bride and groom should always sit down and discuss priorities which are most important to them. For some that may be the venue and others, it could be the food and beverage. It is important for the bride and groom to attend many wedding showcases to get ideas and a feel for things which they may be interested in. Once they have chosen a venue, it is the events planner’s job to help bring to life and educate the happy couple on a realistic vision of what there wedding to plan to be based on their budget.

How do couples decide on the best food and theme for their special day?

Again our advice would be to attend lots of wedding showcases to meet with suppliers and experts in the field to get an idea of the different themes and the variety of choice out there. It’s also important to consider the costs associated with that decision. Why not ask your supplier for a taste demonstration, as it allows for you to get a feel for what the food will be like on the day.

What to take into consideration when choosing a venue?

Location, Location, Location it definitely is the key. You want to make sure that your guests can find the venue easily or there is transport available to those guests who may not drive. You need to consider is that venue available for the date you are hoping to tie the knot. Will that venue hold all your guests in the one area for meal time. All these things would be an important indicator when choosing your perfect venue.

If you looking for a little helping hand and need some advice on the right package to choose for your special day, please contact a member of our friendly team who will be more than happy to give you help in hand. On: 07818 673339