As Pancake Tuesday approaches Arbutus brings you the most delicious pancake toppings. 

Pancakes are an all time favourite dessert, breakfast or snack. The good thing about pancakes is they are very easy to be made. Just following the instructions, and a couple of tries if you’re new in the kitchen, will lead you to the perfect breakfast or dessert for any day.  If you want to experiment with the toppings, there are many ways to do it and here is some ideas. 

Simple Fruit Topping

Not being a fan of over – filled pancakes with plenty of heavy toppings, that’s quite alright because you can have some delicious pancakes with only fruit topping. Berries are always a great option and if that’s too simple, then you can add some berry sauce on top to make it taste more juicer.

Funfetti Pancakes

Even pancakes can be low sugar, gluten – free, high protein and high fiber. And that doesn’t mean that they lack in taste compared with other recipes. Actually, the funfetti part is adding to its taste and it makes the pancakes look really nice. Also, the recipe itself makes them buttery and soft. Adding some whip cream can be a good idea, too.

Pancakes With Caramel Sauce

Here’s another idea on what to do when you are in need of something simple and delicious. When in hurry or in doubt, just add some caramel sauce and some fruit on top, preferably berries. Delicious, soft and saucy pancakes that will be eaten in a minute.

Chocolate spread

Last but certainly not least is the famous chocolate spread. Accompanied with fresh fruit and whipped cream this is a dessert, to indulge in time and time again.

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Happy pancaking.