Summer Wedding Cocktails & Canapés Ideas - Arbutus Hospitality

Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we think canapés are essential at a wedding as they set the scene and provide a reverent talking point amongst all your guests. We get asked quite a bit to serve canapés, so team Arbutus are no strangers to canapés and cocktails.

On your wedding day, you may have guests that arrive in the morning and remain with you throughout the whole day, you may have a few gaps with your guests waiting around, for example during the photography. With careful preparation and planning you can ensure that your guests don't get thirsty or hungry and if the weather is hot, that they can have something to eat or drink that cools them down.

Getting your drinks and canapés right can be the difference between your guests enjoying your weddings as one long celebration and them enduring your wedding with long gaps, being hungry or thirsty or too hot.

Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we've got some delicious treats that are sure to tickle those taste buds for all of your guests whatever their taste may be. Feast your eyes on these mini food delights and serve your wedding guests some tasty treats to have with a glass of champagne or cocktail. From mini burgers and fish & chips to milkshakes and tarts, this mix of sweet and savory canapés will have your guests on their feet.

If your wedding is in the summer, chances are it will be warm outside, so your selection of drinks should be cool and refreshing.

Take a look at some of these delicious refreshing cocktails, suitable for a summer wedding with Arbutus.

Tequila Sunrise

A 'pretty' drink with layers of orange and red that could be served at sunset during your reception or in the afternoon sun.

Traditional Wedding Punch

For a budget-wise bride, the traditional wedding punch is easy to make and can be topped up at regular intervals with ease.

Champagne Peach Punch

Serve this sparkling drink with ice cubes and edible flowers frozen inside, garnish with fruit or mint leaves.

And here are a few canapés we think that go perfectly with these beverages and will be sure to satisfy all your guests.

-Cocktail Sausage Rolls

-Fillet of Beef and Red Pepper Brochettes

-Sticky Chicken Wings

-Assorted Mini Pizzas

-Butterfly King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Dip

-Goujons of Chicken with a Spicy Dip

-Cheese Straws

-Sausage with Sage and Honey

-Cheese Scones

There you have it some idea's to help get you thinking about those all-important summertime Wedding canapés and cocktails to keep your guests refreshed and full.

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