Edible flowers have become the latest craze in the catering industry. Team Arbutus often get asked questions like, "Can you eat these?" and "What are these used for?"

The answer is yes, they are totally edible and they can be used in all kinds of sweet and savoury dishes, not to mention they are an amazing touch to any beverage. 

Decorate cakes and pastries
 Use fresh flowers to decorate a cake or make your own candied flowers to garnish all kinds of pastries. Candied flowers make lovely gifts, too. If you have been paying attention to the wedding industry lately you will have noticed that almost every wedding cake is draped with beautiful flowers. 

Decorate cheese
Time to get out the tweezers! Use a single blossom and, if you're ambitious, individual petals to decorate a simple round of chèvre.

Freeze in ice cubes
Ice cubes with flowers or petals frozen inside look beautiful in cocktails, lemonade, and fizzy water. Fill the ice cube trays halfway with water, freeze, then place a flower in each cube, top off with water, and freeze completely.

Make conserves
Using a mortar and pestle, you can make old-fashioned conserves by pounding fresh flower petals – such as rose, violet, lavender or borage – with sugar until it forms a sticky, fragrant spread. 

Place in alcoholic drinks
Add a few edible flowers to a gin and tonic to give it that extra pop of colour, not only does it look divine but it tastes delicious too!

Decorate your canapes
Adding bright colour edible flowers to your canapes will ensure to wow your guests at any party or celebration. We especially like how edible flowers are combined with smoked salmon. 

Add to desserts and biscuits
We promise they will look nearly too good to eat when they are added to the desserts, particularly on chocolate fudge cake! 

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