This glorious weather has made us go BBQ in the brain here at Arbutus Hospitality.

Summer is a perfect time to host a BBQ get-together and may we include a ‘few’ beers. Whether it be a big family reunion or even just having a few friends around, here are our top tips for your perfect BBQ.

Choose the right day.

BBQs are best hosted outdoors under the sunny weather. Avoid picking a day that is cold or windy. You want the perfect summer weather when you have a barbecue with friends/family! We only have a limited number of sunny days, so choose wisely… Northern Irish weather, eh?

Plan your guest list.

Consider whether you want friends over or family (or maybe both). Remember when preparing your guests list you will have to find seats, glasses and cutlery for them all.

Plan where you'll have the BBQ.

Usually, it is held on the garden/patio/porch. Make sure there are places for people to sit such as benches and rugs. Decorate the area with lanterns for a magical evening BBQ or just a nice rustic setting.

Some parks or venues offer free BBQ spaces. Consider having a BBQ out in a public park for something different.

Plan the food and drink.

Think of your guests. Are there children attending? Vegetarians? Make sure there is something for everyone. Burgers, sausages, ribs and kebabs are popular. Make sure there are some side dishes like potato salad, salad, couscous, watermelon, etc. Have drinks such as lemonade, beer, cocktails, smoothies or even just water!

You want most foods that are able to go on a grill since you'll be barbecuing them. Salads can be made before-hand to give yourself more time ahead.

Plan some games/activities.

Plan fun games you used to play as a kid! Maybe a game of rounders! Remind your guests to wear suitable footwear.

Remember to choose suitable games for children if you have families attending. Have an outdoor speaker play appropriate music for all and keep in mind, not to have it too loud if you are close to neighbours.

Have someone to look after the BBQ.

Make sure that someone or even yourself is at the BBQ at all times when food is cooking on it! On the day of the BBQ, prepare all your side dishes in advance, either the morning before the BBQ or the night before. Display the food outside on a table like a buffet so your guests can choose what they would like.

Lastly, enjoy your BBQ and eat as much as you like.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the catering packages available or you would like to develop your personal package, please do not hesitate and get in contact with a member of our friendly team we would be more than happy to help assist you with making some all-important planning decisions. Give us a call on 07818 673339