Here are Arbutus we are slowly easing our way into spring and as we prepare for a busy Easter weekend full of bookings for our Sunday Carvery we just can't help but share these Easter table setting and centrepiece ideas. We hope you find them useful if you are hosting an Easter party this 2018. 

Mason Jars
Use a cluster of Mason jars to create one large floral arrangement, perfect for the centre of an Easter dining table.

Tulip Napkin
Make a quick and pretty place setting by tying a fresh tulip onto a folded napkin.

Easter Almonds
Decorate your Jordan almonds for a sweet addition to your Easter table.

Mini Egg Pots
Fill up tiny pots with Cadbury mini eggs to delight your guests.

Twig Name Cards
Use purple twine to bundle a few 4" twigs. Write the dish's name on a 2"x3" piece of cardstock and slide it, along with a sprig of lavender, between the two top twigs.

Eater Perfume Bottels
Vintage perfume bottles take on new life as vessels for fresh spring blooms.

Patterned Easter Eggs
Use silk fabric to give your Easter eggs a chic, patterned look

Spring Green Easter Table Setting
Give your Easter soiree a healthy dose of spring fever with season-appropriate colours and motifs. Combine vibrant greens and clean whites with the beige-browns found in light-tone woods and leather. 

Spring Flowers Candle Centrepiece
Celebrate the natural beauty of spring with a homemade Easter centrepiece that stars the season’s prettiest flowers. Fill a glass canister partway with sand, then insert flower stems and candles. For longer-lasting blooms, use floral picks or moisten the sand.

There we have it, lots of ideas to try. To book a table for our Easter Sunday Carvery get in touch by calling 028 7032 7756