Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we have catered in countless wedding venues across Northern Ireland and beyond and have met so many lovely brides and grooms.

Here we want to share a little bit of knowledge on how to choose the correct wedding venue for you.


This is simple if you or your partner live in the same area or close by but if one partner is from overseas it can be difficult to choose the location in which you exchange vows. Keep an open mind. Visit both locations and the different wedding venues within and then take into consideration other factors such as budget, travelling etc.


Do you want a summer wedding? Do you have a special date in mind? If so, we suggest this be the first thing you ask when visiting different venues as it may be a waste of time finding out all the information about the venue if it turns out the date you really want is not free.

How many people?

We suggest doing a rough estimate of how many people will be attending your wedding all day and then to the evening. This will not only help you budget but also help the venue decide on ideas and plans such as food and tables.

Photo opportunities

Some couples often overlook this element during the initial stages of booking a wedding venue. This is vital as it can save a lot of time and money if you have to go to a different location for images on your actual wedding day. If you don't have a particular location in mind for images, we suggest keeping this in mind when choosing your location.

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