Deciding what to have in place for wedding favours can often be tricky. You don't want to spend too much money on them but you also want to make them personal to your guests. As Arbutus Hospitality waves goodbye to our busiest wedding season of all time we wanted to share a few wedding favour ideas with you that we have witnessed this year.

As approved cater for 5 very special wedding venues, we have seen so many unique wedding favours that are often a way of saying thank you to your special guests. Many people often share these small tokens of their appreciation to everyone who attended their special day.

At Arbutus Hospitality we have designed a few wedding favours which we believe could help make your day that extra bit special, If you don't know where to begin on your wedding favours journey, here is a very good place for you to start:

-Gin wedding Favours

For all those gin lovers, add some personalised touches by printing your guest's name on the bottle of each gin on the table.

-Personalised Lollipops/ Chocolate

These gifts can often be used in keeping with the wedding décor or a gift to keep the younger guests happy. They are sure to go down a treat after a long day of creating magical memories.

- Hangover kits

If you are looking for some humour at your wedding then these are the perfect wedding favours are for you. It is sure to come in useful the morning after!

- Message in a bottle

Leave a short personalised message for your guests to read once they find their table. This can often be a very personalised gift to individuals and one that will always be cherished

-Flower Seeds

Providing a few flower seeds to your guests can be a very memorable gift to your close family and friends. It's something your wedding guests can often look back on in the future and watch blossom with love.

There you have it a few unique wedding favours for a variety of guests.

Happy Wedding Planning!

From Arbutus Hospitality