We're ready to ease into the festive season with some warming winter cocktails at Arbutus Hospitality.

If you're planning a winter wedding, you may want to serve drinks that pay homage to the season, so why not go one better and set the vibe for your celebration with some hot cocktails?

1. Smoke & Cinnamon Hot Whiskey Old Fashioned

It's the perfect festive twist on a classic Old Fashioned. But to go one better for a cold-weather wedding, why not add some hot water to the whiskey for a toasty, warming toddy.

2. Boozy Hot Chocolate

Add Baileys, whiskey, Amaretto, Frangelico, coconut rum, coffee liqueur or creme de menthe  - the options are endless. Set up a hot chocolate station at your wedding (post-ceremony, pre-dinner is a perfect time) and give your guests the option to spike their hot chocolate with something a little stronger.

3. Warm Apple

There are lots of variations on warm apple cider cocktails, some call for whiskey, others call for liqueur - but many include cream and cinnamon, which sounds like an intriguing combination to me.

4. Mulled Apple Cider Sangria

A mix between our perennial fave mulled wine, and apple cider AND sangria, what's not to get excited about! The perfect drink for making up in big batches and serving to your guests as a welcome drink or a nightcap.

5. Hot Gin & Tonic

I know, I know, a G&T is nothing without the clink of some ice cubes, and the thought of a warm one sounds more like your mam giving you flat 7up when you were sick as a kid, but I promise, this tipple will be a welcome warmer for your guests.

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