Our luxurious glass Marquee located by the River Bann is the most perfect winter wedding venue. With the twinkling fairy lights and picturesque views, your guests will be blown away at your winter wedding.

There are many ways to decorate our luxurious marquee, so it is the winter wonderland you always dreamt of. Read on to find out more.

To fully embrace all the season has to offer, you have many options. First, you can work with in-season flowers, or blooms that are available year-round. These include everything from roses to tulips. Now's the time to include other natural materials in your decorations, too—think: evergreen sprigs, pine cones, berries, and the like. Second, you can utilize elements associated with winter and its many holidays. Garlands used as table runners are festive options, for example. Third, you can work with seasonal colors, like red, purple, and metallics. With all these possibilities, it's actually easy to come up with centerpieces that suit your event!

Winter weddings are amazing, the dark evenings mean that lighting can really add to the atmosphere. Use plenty of fairy and festoon lighting to add a twinkle to the interior of your marquee. We all know no winter wedding is complete without fairy lights and there is no such thing as too many!

To achieve an eye-catching contemporary look, add up lighters in warm hues such as purple and pink enhance the natural marquee canvas. Bring further colour with a bold and bright palette of florals, the perfect antidote for a mid-winters day!

Invite guests to enjoy the festivities in relaxed seating areas; bring texture and warmth with plump cushions and sumptuous fabrics such as faux fur throws and reindeer hides.

For purists looking for a more organic look, adorn hanging installations such as wooden swings and floral hoops with seasonal, lush green foliage. Add to this plenty of candlelight to give an ethereal glow throughout.

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