Food stations, be they dessert tables or snack buffets, have really taken off in wedding catering over the past few years and here at Arbutus Hospitality it's easy to see why!

Your wedding day will probably stretch on for 12 to 16 hours and you don't want to hear stomachs rumbling during the speeches! Enter wedding food stations, a delicious trend that's infinitely customisable to suit your wedding and budget!

1. Mulled wine

More affordable than Champagne, why not serve up mulled wine at your drinks reception for a twist on tradition?

2. Cheeseboard buffet

With a cheese to suit every taste, as well as crackers, chutneys, grapes and garnishes galore, your wedding cheese board won’t just taste great, it’ll look it too.

3. Toffee apples

Order in a big batch of these nostalgic sweet treats to take your guests back to their best memories of Bonfire Night. Perfect to serve as your fireworks display begins…

4. Pork pies

Hearty, filling and flavoursome, a selection of pork and game pies will be a big hit with meat-eaters.

5. Wood-fired pizzas

Cooked in seconds, your guests will love the smoky, sumptuous flavours of pizza from a proper wood-fired oven.

6. Fish and chips

Serve them in a cone to act as canapés or hire in a fish and chip van for your evening meal. It’s a guaranteed hit!

7. Donut wall

This Instagram craze is way more achievable than you think! A bit of plywood, pegs and paint and your board is ready – give it a clean and hang up those Krispy Kremes!

8. Chocolate fountain

Skewers at the ready! Surround your chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and other delights for dipping. Just be sure to keep plenty of serviettes handy… (We are loving these grey and white geometric napkins!)

9. S’mores

Getting married at a venue with fire pits? Why not gift each guest a s’mores kit as a wedding favour to take outside and toast over the fire.

10. Hot chocolate

Forget pimping your prosecco, it’s all about pimping your cocoa instead! Whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate flakes all make delectable toppings.

There we have it, lots of ideas for you to indulge in this season and lets make all things, wedding food stations

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