Want some creative breakfast in bed ideas for Mother’s Day?

Looking for something so easy that your kids can prepare it for Mom?

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to honour Mom and set the tone for the day that’s all about her and team Arbutus have you covered . This is a tradition on Mom’s designated day of rest and relaxation. What could be better than sleeping in a little late and having breakfast served to you by your favourite people?

Kids love to prepare something special for Mom, and moms love the thoughtful gesture—although sometimes the meal kids choose is a bit too sweet for her taste or too complicated for their kitchen skills.

Here are a few little ideas from team Arbutus to keep you on the right track.

Mother's Day Bagels

Bagels are a quick favourite and come in a variety of flavours to suit any taste. If you have a busy Mother’s Day planned, grab some bagels and Mom’s favourite nut butter or cream cheese for an easy breakfast on the go.

There are many topping you can add to bagels such as fresh fruit, bacon, Parma ham and much more.

Mother's Day Smoothies

Make Mom a smoothie for breakfast in bed and give her a great start to the day. Smoothies are easy to make with kids, they’re packed full of good, healthy stuff and there are infinite combinations you can create.

Get mums favorite fruit and yogurts and mix in a blender. This is the perfect solution if Mum is trying to stay healthy.

Mother’s Day Pancakes

Pancakes are lots of fun to make with kids. They are simple to make, ready in a few minutes and Team Arbutus love to eat them while they are still warm. Add some natural yoghurt, maple syrup and top with fresh berries. Pancakes are our all-time favorite breakfast dish and we love to try different toppings.

Mother’s Day Parfait

A parfait may look like a sweet dessert, but it’s a perfect treat for breakfast. And they’re super easy! Just start with some delicious yogurt with fruit on top. You can also layer in granola or other baked foods like waffles! To make your parfait extra-flavorful, mix in some cream cheese and a small amount of honey with the yogurt. Yum!

Mother’s Day Bonus Breakfast—Fruit Bouquet

An adorable fruit bouquet may take a little more time to prepare than some other recipes featured in this article, but its sure to win Mums heart over whilst giving her a great start to the day. You can cut the fruit into heart shapes to add a little special touch.

There you have it, a few breakfast ideas for Mum this Mother's Day. If you don't fancy cooking breakfast in bed this Mother's Day join us at Arbutus at The Crannagh for our breakfast menu served from 9am. Let mum relax and enjoy the views of the River Bann whilst indulging in her Mother's Day Breakfast.