Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we know that the most valuable asset to have in your organisation is your workforce, keeping employees engaged and happy.

Studies have shown a huge improvement and return on investment with workplace wellness strategies, and eating healthy is one of them.

Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we are often asked to cater for conferences, meetings and much more and we have seen a huge trend towards fruit platers, served with yogurt and more healthy options.

Why is it important to have a wellness program within your organisation?

Many organisations now invest in wellness programs within their organisations strategies to support and improve the wellbeing of their workforce.

Health is vital to office lunch. It has been stated that over 70% of the UK population is on diets, we are becoming more and more conscious of what we are eating. But yet some of us find it difficult to maintain a healthy eating balance within the workplace.

Arbutus Hospitality has some top tips to share with you to encourage healthy eating at work, optimising colleagues’ performance whilst creating a better lifestyle.

Make it easy

By giving your workplace the correct resources to find healthy alternatives and cutting the sugar free treats during lunch by replacing it with healthy alternatives such as Fruit or yoghurts, this will increase the energy and focus of your employees which will result in a huge improvement in productivity.

Lunch Breaks

Create an environment where staff feel that they can make full use of their full lunch break. This may seem silly but it encourages staff to engage with one and another improving the office culture. But it also gives staff time to grab a bite to eat, as sometimes many staff feel they never have time to take lunch which results in them becoming tired and reduces productivity.

Provide healthy Snacks

Many of the companies we work with are providing their entire office with fruit snacks throughout the working week. This encourages their staff to indulge in something a little healthier instead of crisps and chocolate.

Find out if our employees have any dietary requirements

Ask your staff what healthy options the would like to see implemented and also find out if they have any dietary requirements. By involving them in this process, it will result in them being more engaged with healthy eating within the workplace.

If you are planning an office wellbeing program and need help preparing lunch for the staff. Arbutus Hospitality has a wide range of packages available to suit all your catering needs. We’ve got a wide selection of hot and cold treats for everyone. If you are interested in finding out more information on the packages available please do not hesitate and get in contact with one of our professional team on: 07818 673339.

We are always willing to lend a helping hand and provide help and guidance to local organisations.