When we cater for our outside events we often get asked, "What wine or beverage would we recommend?" After all, there is no point in having a delicious meal and not having the correct wine to pair it with. 

So here we have a few recommendations to help you on your way to choosing the correct wine for your event. 

Read the label
Yes, we know it is obvious but very often, wine is bought based on price or how attractive the bottle looks and isn't given much thought. Read the label and it will inform you of how sweet or dry the wine is and what it is best served with. It will also tell you what temperature to serve at whether it be at room temperate or chilled.  

Recognise why something's on sale
Most wines go on sale for two reasons. One, the trend for the wine has now come and gone, or two, the wine just isn't selling. These reasons don't necessarily mean a bad wine, but it's something to look out for before stocking up.

Know your objectives
There is a difference between a sweet wine and one that is fruit-forward. Sweet wines, like a port, tend to be more syrupy. Fruit-forward wine, upon tasting, tend to be more crisp, clean and wash out the mouth in a quick flush. 

Choose easy pairings
Just because its called a "dessert wine" doesn't mean it is just for desserts, loads of your guests may enjoy a sweet wine to sip on. 

When in doubt? Go for a rosé
A crisp, dry rosé will have refreshing acidity and lively effervescence to help accent most dishes. Rosés also work especially well with cheese plates.

So, thats our top tips on choosing the correct wine. We hope you enjoy searcging for the correct wine and of course sampling it.