Being a chef, owning 2 restaurants and an outside catering company, often means I get asked so many questions from different foodies. So here goes, am going to start by answering a few... Tips on making the perfect burger. 

Don’t overwork the meat!
If you over work the meat and mix it with the ingredients together too much, it will make your burger extra tough.

Don’t press down on the burgers while they are cooking.
Many people commonly make this mistake and have no idea that it can destroy a perfect burger!  Also, handle the burgers as little as possible when cooking to prevent more juices from coming out.

Keep the meet cold before cooking.
You should always keep your burgers cold before cooking them. By doing this it will prevent the fat inside the burger from melting, therefore preventing the burger from being tough. 

Always, ALWAYS season your burger.
By using salt and pepper on your burger it will bring out all the flavours. However, only add salt and pepper just before you are about to cook, as the salt could melt the fat in the burger and make it tough.

Add a small square of butter on top of the burger.
If you add some butter on top of the burger before cooking it will melt into the meat, making the burger moist, tasty and delicious.

Make a dimple in the middle of the burger before cooking.
By making a small dimple in your burger it will stay evenly proportioned whilst it is cooking. This will prevent the burger from cooking into a ball shape and making it impossible to hold it together in a bun, making a huge mess!

Wet your hands before handling the meat.
The reason you should do this is because the meat will stick to your hands and not form the perfect burger shape you are hoping for. When you wet your hands the meat will not stick, allowing the burgers looking delicious and perfectly rounded.

Use the correct meat.
You need to make sure not to use extra lean beef mince, as you need a good amount of fat in the mixture to make the burgers moist and stop them from drying out whilst they are being cooked.

Follow these tips and you should have the perfect burger. For more information about our outside catering and restaurants, please do get in touch.