What team Arbutus have found over the years, is that couples seem to have everything about their entire wedding day planned to great detail, except the wedding drinks. They feel that this is not that important. This, however, is very important, after all, it is one of the first things your guests will look for. 

Here are a few tips on what you can serve at your wedding.  

Wedding Welcome Drinks

Welcome your wedding guests with drinks upon arrival at the wedding reception. Most people decide to serve Champagne at this point, however, there are various other options available. Pimms is a classic choice for an outdoor summer wedding and mocktails make a non-alcoholic drinks reception a bit more interesting. For a winter wedding, consider mulled wine or warm spiced apple cider which will warm and welcome your guests. Please don't forget about tea and coffee for the guests that don't drink alcohol. 

Wedding Meal Drinks

Table water is a must, and some brides and grooms decide to provide wine with the meal too.  If in doubt, still and sparkling water should be provided for each table, and a choice of red or white wine is more than enough. Again it is very important not to forget about the guests that don't drink alcohol and may be a good idea to offer them fruit punch.

Drinks Served For The Wedding Toast

Providing extra drinks for the wedding toast is the couples decision but some people like to provide each guest with a glass of Champagne to toast the happy couple. If this is out of your price range, you can just ask the guests to raise their glass with whatever drink they have at the time, which is more than acceptable. 

Wedding Reception Drinks

Most weddings that we cater for, at the evening reception the guests pay for the drinks themselves, which is acceptable. However, on some occasions, the couple have picked up the bar tab. If this is something you decide on we recommend limiting the number of drinks on offer, this keeps it simple and easy for the bride and groom to keep track.  

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