Tips for The Perfect Afternoon Tea Table Setting

We often get asked how to set an afternoon tea table. To be honest, there is no special way as long as it looks pretty and there is plenty to eat. We have compiled a little list for you afternoon tea lovers.  

The Theme

First and foremost decide on the the theme. This will dictate everything from your choice of China, decorations and even the food you serve. As the name states, afternoon tea is usually served in the afternoon but this doesn’t mean you can’t throw an evening Champagne tea party. Also, garden evening tea parties are the best when the fairy lights are lit and its time to chillax. 

The Place Settings

If you’re holding a traditional afternoon tea, there’s plenty of ways to be creative with how you lay out the table; your cups and saucers.  Please do not forget about the cake stand on the table. When guests see the cake stand arriving this is literally the best part and we believe the cake stand should take centre attention on the table. Add flowers in small tea cups to blow your guests away. 

The Perfect Brew

The teapot is nearly as important as the cake stand. Ensure that teapot is well brewed and in good condition with no drips when pouring (extremely important). 

The Food

What’s a little afternoon tea without a cake or ten? There are no rules as to what to serve, just ensure that whatever you serve is served well, with the most perfect plates and cake stand. Don't forget the scones and cream, after all, it wouldn't be a tea party without them.

There you have it... afternoon tea is sorted. Enjoy!

Team Arbutus x