The weather has taken a turn for the better (here's hoping it stays for more than 5 seconds) and team Arbutus are in proper Summer Party mode. With weddings, conferences, corporate events and outside catering we have you covered. 

Here are few simple but very effective party recipes to wow your guests. 

Margarita Watermelon
1 watermelon, cut into triangles
1 c. tequila
1/3 c. triple sec
1/4 c. freshly squeezed lime juice
Lime zest, for garnish
In a large dish, layer watermelon. Pour over tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Let soak 1 hour.
On a small plate, mix together salt and lime zest.
Garnish watermelon slices and serve

Prosecco Grapesicles
1 lb. Red and green grapes
15 wooden skewers
1/2 bottle prosecco or other bubbly
1 c. vodka
Skewer red and green grapes on skewers and place in a shallow baking dish.
Pour over prosecco and vodka and transfer to the refrigerator. Let soak 1 hour.
Drain booze (keep for cocktails if desired) and freeze skewers until frozen, 2 hours more.

Melon Prosciutto Skewers
1 cantaloupe
12 fresh basil leaves
8 oz. mozzarella balls (ciliegine)
12 slices prosciutto
Balsamic glaze, for drizzling
Halve cantaloupe, then scoop out and discard seeds. Using a melon baller, scoop out 24 balls.
Assemble skewers: Layer cantaloupe, basil, mozzarella, prosciutto, and the second piece of cantaloupe until you have 12 skewers.
Drizzle skewers with balsamic glaze and serve immediately.

Sangria Grapes
1 bottle red wine
2 lb. red grapes
1/2 c. sugar
Zest of 1 orange
Orange wedges, for garnish
In a large bowl, pour red wine over grapes. Let them soak in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
Drain in a colander and pat dry.
On a shallow plate, mix sugar and orange zest with a fork. Roll the grapes in the sugar until fully coated. Garnish with orange wedges if desired and serve.