Food stations, be it ice-cream carts, sweetie carts etc, food stations have really taken off in weddings over the past few years and it's easy to see why! Weddings can be a long day, at least 12 hours, therefore it is important to give your guests something to munch on throughout the day. 

Ice Cream Cart

This station is becoming extremely popular in the summer months. Couples tend to have an ice cream cart arrive just after the ceremony. In our experience, this isn't a good idea with little ones running around as they are usually covered in ice cream before the images take place. 

Pizza Buffet Bar

Pizza doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of wedding food, but this tasty treat is fast becoming a popular choice for rustic celebrations. You can stick with classics like Margherita and pepperoni to keep it simple and stress-free. 

Grazing Tables

For the couple who loves a good cheese board, there's the grazing table - a delectable selection of cold meats, cheeses, dips, bread and crackers. The secret to creating a worthwhile grazing table is to ensure the items are just as delicious on their own as they are when paired together. And don't forget to source some rustic wooden boards, marble slabs, glass platters or porcelain bowls to create a showstopping look!

 Popcorn Station

Popcorn stations are probably the easiest and cheapest stations to set up, so it's no surprise that they're popping up at weddings. A perfect little light snack that's easy to eat on the go, popcorn can be served at any time of the day from post-ceremony, to pre-dinner or as a late night treat after a few dances! 

There we have it, be as creative as you like with your wedding food stations. To find out more about our catering services please contact us on 07818 673339.