As summer approaches and the sun starts to shine, there is only one thing for the long evenings.... outdoor get-togethers and the Arbutus Team are pros at organising these. For a truly stress-free party, you want to keep the pests—and the guests—from buzzing in your ear. 

Have Enough Seats
What if you have five patio chairs and 25 guests? Assess your indoor furniture. The easiest option is to press dining chairs into service, along with any drum stools or pouffes. If you’re keeping things casual, you can spread pretty quilts on the ground and let people gather picnic-style. Renting can be another surprisingly cheap way to go. (You may also be able to rent coolers, speakers, tableware, and a bigger grill.) 

Decorate in a Pinch
In fact, you really only need one party decoration (hint: it’s a pinata). It’s colourful! It’s interactive! It’s wise to hand out the broom before everyone has had three margaritas! Buy a big piñata that fits the mood of the fiesta. Buy things people can wear, like sunglasses and necklaces. It will make fun photographs.

Master the Music
Don’t crank the speakers. No one will want to stand near them if they’re blaring. The best setup is four or more speakers, spread out, set at a lower volume. If you’re using a boom box or an iPod dock, place it above ear level so it’s not blasting directly at guests’ heads, And turn it toward the side of the house—you can make it a little louder and the sound will spread out better.

Entertain the Kids
So the grown-ups can kick back with the sangría, have some diversions for the kids: plenty of blowing bubbles, perhaps a sprinkler or a Slip ’n Slide, and beach balls. You can also buy a few inexpensive disposable cameras and let kids serve as official event photographers.

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