Pumpkin Season is well and truly upon us. Here at the award-winning Arbutus Hospitailty are no strangers to pumpkins, however our expertise strongly lies in cooking pumpkins and not carving them. 

Are you like us and need a little help, if so read on. 

Here goes.... 

Choose your pumpkin wisely 

The lines on the skin could be a witch's wrinkles but also can be a little tricky to carve. 

Use a template to perfect your spooky design 

 Secure your chosen style to the front of your pumpkin and carefully trace the image by poking holes along the lines. Once finished remove the template and gently carve. 

Put some flame-retardant coloured tissue paper just behind the front face of your pumpkin to create a coloured filter. Make sure you're lighting your pumpkin with a torch rather than a naked flame. 

Try shaving parts of your pumpkin rather than cutting all the way through. This will give your design a two-tone effect and add depth.

Use everyday items from around the house to bring your pumpkin to life 

Create a face from nuts and bolts, use white reflective tape as bandages or simply chop off the top and add flowers for your own spooky vase!

Swap the traditional orange pumpkin for a ghoulish green variety... or why not try your hand at transforming a watermelon? The process is the same but it will get you guest talking 

Make your pumpkin shine from the inside out

Use multicoloured Christmas lights or try a red bicycle light, set to flash, for a really sinister touch.

Funny faces not your thing?

Try making simple shapes like stars or spooky creatures with cookie cutters or use an apple corer or drill bits to add polka dots for a more grown-up pumpkin.

There we have it... Happy carving and please be careful.