There are many myths and recipes to cooking the perfect steak and we all like to try different methods to wow our dinner guests. So here we have explained a few tops tips on cooking a mouth-watering steak!

Start With The Right Cut: When it comes to cooking red meat, thicker is better. The perfect steak is seared outside and rare in the centre, and that is just a lot easier to do with thicker steaks. By the time you get a perfect sear on both sides of a thin steak, it is often cooked all the way through.

Use Really High Heat: There are many different styles of cooking steak, from gas and charcoal grills to frying pans to oven broilers to wood burning pizza ovens. But no matter which you choose, at home you want to go really hot. The single easiest way for most home cooks to mirror steakhouse searing results is by using an old-fashioned cast iron pan, which retains heat better than newer materials. Let the pan get really hot before the steak goes in, sitting empty on high heat for at least 5-minutes, then add the steak and cook it long enough to get a good sear.

Over-Season: You want to over season. When it comes to steaks, aggressively coat the outside with your seasoning of choice, from basic salt and pepper (always use fresh ground peppercorns!) to more complex spice rubs. This is going to help you develop the seared crust you want, while good quality red meat is a big dish that can stand up to lots of seasoning. 

Let It Rest: Letting the steak sit for at least 5 and ideally 10-minutes between cooking and serving improves the taste. Resting for 5-minutes let the exterior cool enough to start drawing the juices more evenly throughout the steak. We worry about things getting cold and often rush steaks onto a plate already loaded with sides and serve, but this is just flat out wrong. Not only will the steak taste better ten minutes later but it won’t get cold. 

There we have it, we hope you enjoy putting these top tips into action. 

Team Arbutus x