Ok, so the Arbutus Brides and Grooms are becoming more adventurous. Trends are starting to shift away from traditional wedding cakes to more funky ideas. Here we have compiled a little list for you to consider.

Candy Table
This self-serve option is guaranteed to win points with your guests. And if you put out little boxes or bags so they can scoop up treats to-go, you've got favours covered, too. This option will also go down a treat with your little guests. They will love you. 

Cupcakes are technically still cake, but with more flavours and ideal portions. The perfect size to be enjoyed with tea or coffee and much easier to serve than cutting the cake. 

Doughnut Table
The doughnut has been elevated from a breakfast item to wedding-worthy pastry, with even a few of our brides going for a wall full of doughnuts. This really did blow their guests away. Go classic with sprinkles and powdered sugar.

Chocolate fountain
Again, the children will love you but their parents may not. We can just imagine the mess. An easy solution that can be combined with anything from pretzels and potato chips to fruit slices and brownie bites.

Macarons madness
Nothing says class like delicate macarons in a range of pretty pastels. Perfect for serving with coffee, the delectable French pastries are simple and sophisticated, ideal for an elegant, intimate ceremony.

Cheese Table
We have seen a huge number of people gravitate towards cheese tables recently. Not only as a replacement for the cake but also as an evening snack. This is a simple alternative and with added chutneys, jams, breads and crackers this will most certainly go down a treat.

There we have it. A few ideas for you to think about over a slice of cake and tea.