Arbutus Hospitality has seen their busiest Summer to date with weddings. Being the approved cater for 5 very special wedding venues we have seen so many different setups and decor trends this summer, all perfectly suited to each wedding and looked stunning.

We have also seen a trend change on centrepieces, more and more couples are not going for the traditional floral centrepiece and having alternatives. Many of these can be made at home by the couples themselves a few weeks before the wedding and saves a little cost.

1. Candles, Candles, Candles

Who needs flowers when you have lots of candles. Hundreds of candles give your tables an ultra-modern romantic feel. These can be all different shapes, sizes and heights. Floating candles are also a big craze this year. These are stunning when displayed in a glass bowl or a tall vase.

2. Rustic theme

The tree trunk stand and mason jar candleholders make this the perfect centrepiece for a rustic wedding. These are super easy to make and can be done weeks before the wedding (if you have time).

3. Branches

Often people assisocate branch centrepieces with Winter. We have seen these for weddings in all seasons, simply change the colour of the branches and also add a few faux birds depending on the season.

TOP TIP: For Winter Wedding theme, coat your branches in Epsom salt — it looks just like snow!

4. Wrought iron candelabras

Wrought iron candelabras add a rustic touch to your tables. These can be simply made by any crafts steelworker. Ask them to create a little holder at the top so you can pop in small mason jars and candles

5. Let's not forget the Lanterns

Lanterns are a simple and elegant way to illuminate your tables. They can be any colour depending on your colour scheme. Just add a few candles inside and even when night falls they will be simply stunning.

If you are not a fan of fresh flowers, these little ideas are perfect for you.

Happy Wedding planning!

Love Team Arbutus