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Arbutus Mother's Day Breakfast

Arbutus Mother's Day Breakfast

Want some creative breakfast in bed ideas for Mother’s Day?

Looking for something so easy that your kids can prepare it for Mom?

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to honour Mom and set the tone for the day that’s all about her and team Arbutus have you covered . This is a tradition on Mom’s designated day of rest and relaxation. What could be better than sleeping in a little late and having breakfast served to you by your favourite people?

Workplace Wellness  with Arbutus Hospitality

Workplace Wellness with Arbutus Hospitality

Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we know that the most valuable asset to have in your organisation is your workforce, keeping employees engaged and happy.

Studies have shown a huge improvement and return on investment with workplace wellness strategies, and eating healthy is one of them.

Here at Arbutus Hospitality, we are often asked to cater for conferences, meetings and much more and we have seen a huge trend towards fruit platers, served with yogurt and more healthy options.

Arbutus Hospitality Wedding Catering Trends for 2019

Arbutus Hospitality Wedding Catering Trends for 2019

This year wedding season is upon us and we are extremely excited to showcase our talented teams’ skills. Here at Arbutus Hospitality we are in for a long busy few months, executing some beautiful events at the most beautiful venues. We pride ourselves in taking care of everything involved with the catering of events, which allows for you to sit back relax and enjoy the most magical day of your lives. We offer more than just catering, our specialised staff are always on hand to offer unwavering support throughout your planning and decision-making process, after all, it can be a stressful process making sure every decision is perfect.